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About alert
A very useful gadget freely available for everyone

By: Ronny S

Yes, alert. This is my first article about a very useful tool

Alerts. You have Google Alerts, Yahoo Alerts, Live Alerts, ... many more. Do you use it? You should be. Why? Because:

* you are saving yourself quite some dollars * it can make a lot of tools which you use now and have to pay for, obsolete. This one comes for nothing and will outdo most trackers to name one

* you become the boss over your little creations and will know exactly where they hang around, globe wide, every corner, and 24 hours a day.

* the work you have to do for it is... it is no work, just a few clicks and you are done.

Since this is my first article, I cannot give you some real figures which I can back up of my own. So, this is the plan.

****this is my alert tracker :) ;D doekeliwookie***

I will put an alert on this article and then in my next article you will get much more to know (I hope). And of coarse i would recommend to you go try it for yourself also. Whatever you have put on the internet and you wish to keep track of, "alerts" is definitely something you would want to check out.

Maybe you are already using the alerts and are thinking now like Huh! What's new! For you not much new I think, maybe some extra uses you are not using yet. Using boolean operators with it maybe? So, hopefully something news for you too.

In the next article you will hear how 'viral' this thing now really is, and some more explaining. Does it really give a boost? You will hear, also if not.

So, stay alert ...



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